Tamar - Boyton - Devon  East: 232954  North: 91852
 River Tamar  East: 226987  North: 115593  
 Tamar - Between Devonport and Torpoint  East: 244384  North: 55258
 River Tamar - Southdown Quay, Millbrook  East: 243695  North: 52661  Lynda Ashwell - Residential Boat Owner  I'm not sure exactly how long my husband and I have been here. If I'm happy somewhere, years don't come into it. When you are content, you don't think about it. I feel that I may have the kind of life that people dream about.  Its a bit ramshackle, but this is where I really want to be. Its a beautiful setting where you can watch the deer, the egrets, the swans and the herons. Its an ever changing landscape that is like a painting. I'm a water sign and have never been far from the water.  I am at home here, love being here, feel that I was pulled here.  The river allows you to absorb its calmness, enables you to reflect, helps you to discover peace. The river gives life and it takes life.  It doesn't make any rules, it just flows.
 Tamar River - Woolley Moor  East: 227064  North: 116708
 River Tamar - Southdown Marina, Millbrook looking across to Plymouth  East: 243823  North: 52897
 River Tamar - Woolley Moor  East: 227037  North: 116789
 River Tamar  East: 227043  North: 116775
 Tamar River - Woolley Wood  East: 227057  North: 116518
 River Tamar - Mendennick Barton, Millbrook  East: 242002  North: 53701  David Turner - Landowner and Farmer  There is a direct family connection to this land since 1597 and I myself was born and bred here. The central farm itself is around 450 acres but I have additional responsibility for estates on Maker, Anthony and Port Eliot which together totals over 1600 acres. You are conscious that there is a lot of history around here, with some settlements dating from the Iron Age. I feel that I am just passing through this land, hoping to improve it's condition, make the farm more up-to-date and leave a positive legacy which my son can carry forward.  To me the river represents a very convenient space between here and Plymouth.  It is a barrier to development and in that sense a force for good.  The estuary adjacent to my land is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and that has been very beneficial in establishing my organic business as an example of Higher Level Stewardship*.  In that sense, the river has helped me again and I'm thankful for that.  *The primary objectives of Higher Level Stewardship are the conservation of wildlife; the maintenance and enhancement of landscape quality and character; the protection of natural resources; the protection of the historic environment; the promotion of public access and understanding of the countryside.
 Tamar River - Woolley Wood  East: 227062  North: 116561
 River Tamar - Woolley Wood  East: 227285  North: 116531
 River Tamar - Border between West and East Youlstone  Left Image - Cornwall - East 226970  North 115566    Right Image - Devon - East: 226982  North: 115631
 Tamar - Luckett - Cornwall  East: 239575  North: 73984
 River Tamar - Garden Battery - Cornwall  Colbey Short (Aged 13)  I've been coming to this spot for over a year. The city is boring. I need to escape it. I feel drawn to the water and spend a lot of time by the river. There is no one around here, no one tombstoning. Its quiet. Most of my mates are sat at home on their X-Boxes. I like to come here by myself and explore at low tide. I like the freedom and the space. It helps me relax.  East: 245653 North: 53232
 River Tamar - Border between West and East Youlstone  East: 226922  North: 115623
 River Tamar - Southdown Marina, Millbrook  East: 243773  North: 52796
 Tamar - Merganser - Devon  East: 243022  North: 65293
 River Tamar - View from across St John's Lake to HMS Raleigh  East: 241135  North: 53958  St John's Lake is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is of national importance for its wintering population of around 6,000 wildfowl and 10,000 waders. The alga and eel grass beds are particularly important as they provide feeding areas for populations of Wigeon, Mute Swan, Brent Geese, Shelduck, Black Tailed Godwit, Dunlin, Knot, Oystercatchers, Curlew, Redshank, Plovers, Turnstone and Teal. 
 River Tamar - Border close to Youlstone Ham Bridge  Left Image - Cornwall - East: 227794  North:114695    Right Image - Devon - East: 227806  North: 114735
 Tamar - Torpoint Ferry  East: 244707  North: 55122
 River Tamar - Millbrook - Military Firing Range, Keep Out  East: 241535  North: 53862
 Tamar - Luckett - Cornwall  East: 239575  North: 73984
 Tamar - Polson Bridge - Devon  East: 235612  North: 84923
 River Tamar - Millbrook looking across to Plymouth  East: 242349  North: 53729
 River Tamar - Southdown Marina, Millbrook  East:  243870  North: 52836  Louise Spencer - Residential Boat Owner  I've slowly graduated to this place over a period of time and have been here for over 3 years now. I find the river soft, quiet, calming and healing.  I enjoy the scenery, the space, the different weathers and the constantly changing view - it can be quite gripping. I love the freedom that this lifestyle gives me and I love this spot. I feel drawn to the water and it is ever present here. You develop your own sense of time. You could easily get lost.
 Tamar - Horsebridge - Devon  East: 240050  North: 74903
 River Tamar - View across St John's Lake to HMS Raleigh  East: 241293  North: 53957
 Tamar - Polson Bridge - Cornwall  East: 235488  North: 84899
 River Tamar - Devil's Point - View from the 16th century Artillery Tower across the Narrows  East: 245933  North: 53370
 Tamar - Higher New Bridge - Devon  East: 234891  North: 86720
 River Tamar - Garden Battery - Cornwall  East: 245638 North: 53233
 Tamar - Thorn Point - Devon  East: 244006  North: 63999
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